Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Apricot Upside Down Cake... ! Healthy Decadence!

These apricots just JUMPED out at my daughter, and then me, at Trader Joe's! Gorgeous, from Red Jacket Farms, I thought at first that Red Jacket was the type of apricot, so vibrant were their velvet coats!

Darling teen cannot have most fruits uncooked, so these ripened.... and ripened, as I got my act together to bake a treat in their (his and the apricots!) honor. (And darling tween and I made sure to keep running tabs on their deliciousness by sampling one every few days!)

I found a recipe for upside down cake using fresh apricots, and decided to make it, subbing out (most of) the ingredients for those I chose and needed to.

Almond Meal (whole "grain") makes up the bulk of the flour in this cake batter. Mostly because I am out of Almond Flour. Grinding my own for a previous recipe (Vegan Cherry "Clafouti", pictures coming soon!) yielded a delicious, yet almost sandy crunchy texture that I didn't feel like I wanted in my cake. And this version will make us FEEL like we are doing our bounden duty towards health! While reveling in summers glorious bounty.

The recipe came from Gourmet (now through Epicurious). I took the advice of the reviewers to use MUCH less butter. I did not want to cook mine in a skillet, however, and trying to "wing it" this time left me with a bunch of "butter" melted and surrounding what looks and tastes like reduced sugar dark caramel! Learn from every mistake, I say. But then it was time for dinner prep and the premeasured dry ingredients needed to wait until I could re-do the butter/topping portion of the recipe the next day (today). Would the apricots hold up? They ARE DELICIOUS today! (or so my tastebuds and sweet little taste tester tween helper will attest.) But will they hold up to baking? We shall see, oh we can't WAIT to see!

Well... ? What do you think?

(If you enjoy the aromatic thrall of choice apricot preserves over melting butter, and the flavor of delectible almond biscotti only in the form of delicate, moist, PERFECT cake, YOU WILL LOVE THIS! We did!) ; D