Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sufferin' Succotash! (No, Not really...!) Carb Conscious Succotash & the revival of the Summertime Chicken Patty. A la Sylvia's Soulful!

With all the comfort foods of winter being both out of season and overplayed at our house, a request recently came in:  

"Can we have Chicken Patties?"  

And in our house that means, specifically, Ground Chicken Patties, "blackened" or pan fried with a generous dose of Sylvia's Soulful Seasoned Salt!  But it took some time to track some down, after discovering that both my Pantry Shelf, Spice Cabinet and then even my local Grocer Shelves were devoid of the magic powder!

We usually serve this on top of crisp cool lettuce-- a perfect foil for the salt and touch of spice- though not quite heat, that the intense seasoning salt provides, and along side corn or summer squash. 

However, I had a hankering for something else out of my more "distant past" (as ancient astronaut THEORISTS might believe!)  ; P


Now, we are carb conscious.  We eat corn off the cob as a side these days much less frequently. And one child won't eat lima beans or butter beans, the other CAN'T.

So what to make?  My own version of Succotash:  

Cauliflower Florets, Summer Squash, Diced Celery, a bit of Sweet Onion, dash of Dill, and just enough sweet crunchy Yellow Corn so as to be satisfying. A dash of Grapeseed oil. For body and brain. 

Cold Fresh Washed Romaine, cut with a plastic knife, of course.
With all the individual needs and wants at our house, this meal is a hit all the ways I plate it!

I think next time, I'll par cook the veg elements separately to preserve color, integrity, and individual personality.

If you are inclined, a spoon of buttermilk dressing... a dash of Crystal Hot Sauce, would be most welcome on the plate, and add another layer of heat to cool contrast....


Friday, June 22, 2012

BISCUIT LOVE... Pumpkin Biscuits

HERE, BELOW, ARE SOME OF THE BEST BISCUITS I'VE EVER MADE.  GLUTEN OR NO GLUTEN!  (Until recently that is. When my holy biscuit quest brought to some southern biscuit MASTERS... and I topped these too!) 

Look at that rise... ! And the flaky layers, which were moist inside, but not overly so.

Speaking of topping them--

When toasted on the second day, these unsweetened fragrant SWEET SMELLING biscuits give rise to new INSPIRATION.... Butter melting, maple syrup, powdered sugar, orange zest, or marmalade, even cream cheese. ANY AND ALL are welcome!

Actually, this is a batch from last November. It's taken me this long to show them! November is when my previous computer died... And when I purchased my beloved, although still somewhat alien to me, Mac.

And so, another quest of sorts is hopefully resolving-- Admittedly, I have not been able to easily or in many cases successfully post pictures from my Mac to this Blog! HENCE my pathetic seemingly apathetic absence.

So, anyone listening, THIS IS A TEST.


As for right now, I'm finished with my Trader Joe's Columbian Coffee with Vanilla Almond Milk... and am beginning to be quite hungry...

Yesterday's CHERRY CLAFOUTIS is beckoning! Vegan, which does mean what it says-- dairy, and amazingly, EGG free as well! Gosh, I hope I can post a pic.  Once I can find the folder from the blogger upload drop down, which isn't showing up currently.  (mmmm... currants....! I am hungry after all!)

Any tips or helps welcome!

Happy Summer, all.

Hope to be with you more, soon.

: D