Saturday, November 12, 2011

HELP!! Computer seemingly CAPUT!

Well it seems my computer may have given up the ghost... This post serves as a test (as I'm attempting to post from my phone for the first time) AND a cry for help. Advice, really.

I need to:

1. Recover my data, if possible. Geek Squad is the only place I hear of that may be able to help... IS THERE A BETTER PLACE? And not like the " better place" where computers go when they die.

2. Find my new computer! I've had 3 laptops (Dell PCs) in a row now. Should I go mac? Desktop ? Is there a perfect blend? Like compact tower with wireless everything, including ipad docking, that comes with an ipad? For a great price?


; D

Thursday, November 3, 2011

At the Farmers' Market

Rainbow Bevy of Peppers... an explosion of color rivaling fall's splendor.

Last week, I went to our Town Farmer's Market with my neighbor. Fewer stands were there than in high summer. And we arrived toward the very end. But different than in summer, the vendors were not rushing to pack up their wares as intently when noon approached as they had in previous months. The cool crisp air, wispy Simpson's clouds, golden sun contributed perhaps. But in further thought, I realize, there are only so many Markets left this season before winter. This was in essence the last full month, the final few weeks of the year. Perhaps they, like me, are trying to make it last. Are savoring this last moment before winter.

Shallots, heirloom Bi-color Green Sausage Tomatoes.

Mexican (or Lebanese?) Green Globe Squash, Sunburst Pattypans, bright yellow Golden Zucchini... among the last of the local "summers".

Both Black & Traditional Cherry Tomatoes, Garlic, Shallots....

I made some purchases... let's see what I can make of them!